Tuesday, June 24, 2008

jen & josh's wedding {photographed by kate}

Kate was behind the camera for Jen & Josh's wedding at the Darby House. It was actually there that J&J found me during Darby House's tasting party. I knew right away that we'd all be a good match; it's great when someone looks at your work and they just "get" it. Kate called me right after their engagement session and went on about how cute they were together. She really enjoyed working with them during their lovely wedding day, too.

So here are some favorites:

In case you're wondering what this big fuzzy thing is, it's the paw of the Darby House's resident lion. He thinks he's scary, but he's pretty cute.

In almost all of the photos of Jen & Josh during the ceremony, they're gazing at each other like no one else is there...

...or laughing!Their little girl helped with the butterfly release.

Best garter fight ever.

Congratulations, Jen & Josh!

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