Friday, January 16, 2009

...and there i was with no marshmallows. { by kitty }

last night's fun:

8:21 ~ chatting with kate on the phone.
8:24 ~ why are my lights flickering? must be the ice on the is clintonville after all. someone sneezes, 600 people are with out power...
8:30 ~ working at my computer, annoyed at the people behind my house who won't stop yelling at each other. this is a common occurrence.
8:34 ~ open back door. those aren't warring neighbors...these are firefighters...yelling at me to get the hell out 'coz the whole building's on fire.
8:36 ~ fire axe starts hitting my front door. i let them in and tell them the best place to bust through the wall to get to the main building. i stare in envy as they start swinging the axe. (read my bio on my site...) they yell at me. "GET. OUT!" i say i'm getting my coat & purse...and grab my external back up drive, throw it in my wellie boot. "M'AME, NOW!!!"
8:38 ~ call wolfgang at rehearsal. he's on his way, band members in tow.
8:39 - 9:00 ~ stand outside in sub-zero weather watching the building burn, worry, fret, pray to all that's holy.
9:15 ~ plead with firefighters to let us in to "get my camera." bandmates, wolf, and i all run in and frantically disconnect computers and other drives. firefighters see we're determined and help us get them out of the building.
9:20 ~ sigh with relief. overwhelmed with gratefulness to all involved. wolf's guitarist sits in my car with me for two hours to keep me company as we watch the firefighters continue to work.
11:20 ~ the fire is out and it's deemed safe for us to re-enter, get whatever else we need, and secure our part of the building. look around at the mess. really quite pleased i decided not to mop the floor earlier.
11:40 ~ get home and thank wolf's band. we're really quite moved at how they all stepped up to help us.
12:30 ~ do the only thing left to do: drag ourselves down to the dube, toss back some jack daniels, entertain ourselves with metalocolypse quotes ("oh nos! someones lefts da lunchables ins da microvaves agains!") and wonder where william murderface was when we needed him. (brownie points to anyone who gets that reference.)

so everyone and everything is fine. however, there will be a necessary delay in production as we regroup and move our day to day operation so we can resume working. we do have a gameplan, however, we have quite a bit to move and reorganize, so this may take some time.

so of our clients, i ask for your understanding and patience. i'll be updating the blog throughout the process so you all can check for updates. and of course, please feel welcome to email or call with any questions or concerns you may have.

and for all the misfortunes we've dealt with this winter, i really feel quite lucky. :)

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Eve said...

*blink* HOLY MOSES Kitty! I am just really glad that everyone's ok. House fire = biggest fear. Yikes!