Thursday, June 17, 2010

eugenia & dan's wedding {by dan}

eugenia and dan were a great couple to work with. really fun, photogenic and fashionable

sole mates seoul mates soul mates

tying the knot, getting ready to tie the knot

taking pictures of people taking pictures
groomsmen getting ready for the big day

good thing eugenia didn't have to try this one on her own!

sock fashion show

this was dan's idea!

very coordinated. the groomsmen lined up so their suits are lightest to darkest. well done gentlemen!

innocently standing before the brawl

no groomsmen were injured in the making of this photo

innocently dancing. decided against a bridesmaid brawl.

showing off the shoes


on the way to the ceremony. dan is a little excited.

hanging out before the ceremony

waiting to walk down the aisle

about to become husband and wife

it's official! eugenia and dan kim!

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