Wednesday, July 9, 2008

abby & clay's wedding {photographed by sarah}

The day after Abby and Clay's wedding in Indiana, Sarah called me to let me know this was just the most perfect wedding. I had the feeling it would be. When Abby called me last year to tell me about the wedding they planned on her family's land, I had visions of wide green spaces and casual beauty. Never thought the photos Sarah returned with would hit the mark so closely to what I saw in my head.

Abby's dress was custom made for her by Michael of Boston. Very fitting design for a former ballet dancer!

Sally Barker of Welborn Florals in Owensboro, KY put together this fluffy collection of flowers for Abby's bouquet. (For some reason, they remind me of Jeni's rose flavored ice cream...very cool and delicate.)
So pretty. :)

Sarah mentioned several times how happy and ecstatic Clay was all day. I don't think there are any shots where he's not grinning.

See what I mean? SOOO happy! :D
This is so lovely. I can't say enough about how gorgeous simplicity can be, not to mention how wonderful it is to say your vows somewhere meaningful to you. I really love that part of the house can be seen in the background. It really lends a sense of intimacy to the environment.

Another Sarah quote: "...and you could just tell, they are SO crazy about each other..."

Now Abby and Clay were planning this whole shebang from out of town with the help of Abby's mom and the orchestrations of the fabulous Veronica Hamilton of V and Company. Did I mention she's fabulous? Well, she is. She kept the communication going during the months leading up to the day and kept everything going smoothly the day of. All the details came together so beautifully.

Here's my favorite part: the lanterns. Abby made a speech about how everyone has dreams and they should be allowed to soar. Then all these hot-air lanterns were lit and the guests released them into the night sky. These things are really quite cool; the fire lifts the lantern, fire goes out, it flies until the hot air runs out...and they're completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly!
Here's Abby and Clay releasing their own lantern.

The night ended with a dance showdown.

An amazing wedding all the way around. Great people, gorgeous surroundings, really pretty sweets....oh no...I can't believe I forgot the teasers of the cupcakes! (This is why I'm supposed to be on holiday...) Ok, I'll make another entry later...they really do deserve to be featured. Cutest cupcakes ever.

Sadly, this is Sarah's last wedding with my studio and we wish her all the best now that she's off on her own! But as Wolfgang said as he looked over the photos, "Wow...this is a great one to go out on!"

Congratulations, Abby and Clay! And thanks for letting us take part in such a beautiful and inspiring wedding!

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