Wednesday, July 30, 2008

EMAIL your votes, folks.

I'm sorry to announce that due to technical issues, I am forced to take down the contest poll and restart the voting.

In order to avoid any issues this time around, please:

1. send an email to (**the voting has ended!**)
2. in the body of the email, please enter your name and the couple's names

NOTICE: emails without the sender's name in the body of the email will not be counted.

FYI the email addresses will never be used for spam, nor will they be given out to any other entity. They will be used for this contest ONLY.

Voting has been extended to end at 11:59pm EST on Saturday the 2nd.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a big deal to restart the all actuality if there were technical issues (and these things happen all the time when dealing with computers!) then it is only FAIR to restart the contest. I believe that the photographers only want everything to be fair....besides, they are offering this contest period and didn't have to, right!?

Chelsea Nicole said...


What a wonderful gift you are offering! I can't wait to see who the lucky couple is. :) I also think it's great that you to take such care as to extended the contest to make things fair everyone.

kitty said...

By the way, folks, I totally appreciate the inconvenience of having to ask friends and family to vote again. However, the authenticity of the voting had become compromised. Also, each couple reported inconsistencies and issues with the poll. It was therefor determined to be unreliable.

It is out of respect for these wonderful couples who have put out such effort that I was forced to make this decision and start from scratch. This was not done to punish anyone, but to make sure this contest remains honest and fair for all involved.

Thank you for your understanding.