Wednesday, August 20, 2008

kate & jimmy ~ by kate

kate and i met kate and her mom at the january columbus bride show and booked us on the spot. she just totally got our style and it just all clicked. she and jimmy had a beautiful day for their downtown wedding. here are my favorites from the day ~

do i really need to say anything about these? yes. yes, i do. fabulous!
i love kate's eye for detail.
here are kate and the girls on their way to the state house, where she and jimmy decided to see each other for the first time on their wedding day.
jimmy was lead around blindfolded and left to wait at the bottom of the steps as kate made her entrance to meet him.

these next two are possible my favorites from the day ~

right before the ceremony ~
st. joe's is so gorgeous.

the first time i was at the vault, it was for a fashion show. i wasn't doing weddings at the time, but i remember looking around and really loving the space and thinking about how awesome this old bank would be for parties...i was totally right. ;)

great bouquet toss!

those are just a few highlights! you can see the whole slideshow here.

thanks, kate & jimmy! best wishes for a wonderful life together!


Jessamyn Harris said...

love the one of the two of them between the columns...

Karen (Mikols) Bonar said...

STUNNING photo of the bride coming down the staircase!

sophia|photography said...

What a fantastic space! You really used it brilliantly.