Saturday, November 1, 2008

bethany and michael's wedding ~ by kate

when i asked bethany for her wedding day schedule, i was only told what time kate should show up. bethany and michael just wanted to enjoy their day unrestricted by any unnecessary time schedules and deadlines...fantastic! kate and sarah were free to just follow along and capture the day as it happened on its own.

bethany's dresses (yes, plural) were all classic hollywood beauty.

after the ceremony, sarah took the wedding party off to the park so kate could get some shots of bethany and michael on their own.

before heading off to the ceremony, the wedding party went back to bethany & michael's home to relax a bit (change dresses!) and rest up for the party that was to ensue.

this is one of my favourites of the day ~

...and party they all did!

best wishes to you both, bethany and michael!

{ceremony & reception venue ~ st. andrew's catholic church}


Kevin Charlie said...

Love your photos, your eye for detail and your distinct perspective on all of your images. Being a photographer myself - I love looking at other professionals work to be inspired and to maintain creativity! Awesome work!

sophia|photography said...

I love the dreamy, ethereal picture of Bethany sitting on the edge of the fountain with sun spilling all around.